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November 23, 2020

10 wedding must-haves to keep you stress-free in 2021

HELLLOOOOO my sweet brides!

I made this list of STUFF to help make your wedding day life much easier and less stressful — ’cause you know I’m alllll about keepin’ things simple for you cuties.

Scroll through, find some ideas, make your life easy peasy 🙂

1. Bulk pack of Tylenol

Ok — let’s be honest. This is prooooobably the best investment for the bridal party or even wedding guests. Cure to hangovers, headaches from last minute planning, thrown-out backs on the dance floor … the list goes on! They even come in the handy 2-pack so you’re not lugging a rattling bottle around all day! *pro tip: make “wedding survival kits” for all the bathroom — throw these in the basket — you’ll thank yourself later, and so will everyone else!

Grab ’em here:

2. Fancy af pen

Sure, you can sign your wedding license with a NORMAL pen, but wouldn’t it be cool to sign it with one of those old school ink pens?! A fancy pen you can keep for the rest of forever! Hey. Maybe you use it to sign all future important documents with! Like — signing the paperwork on your new home, or car, you know, all that jazz! This is mostly a reminder to not forget the pen to sign the papers to make it official!

Grab one here:

3. Facial blotting papers

Things are bound to get a little greasy on the big day — especially summer wedding days. After the makeup artists depart and we’re off doing portraits around the venue grounds, bring these along in your clutch or have them on hand right before walking down the aisle to freshen up a tad before the rest of the day’s activities! Helps keep makeup in tact while getting rid of excess oil.

Grab ’em here:

4. Bridesmaid totes

These are a great idea to hand out to your bridesmaids as a wedding day gift. Fill em with some wedding day essentials and these are lifesavers. They can be used to put their change of clothes in, or shoes, or extra makeup and toiletries. Sometimes when the “getting ready” location is different than the wedding venue — you’ll want to have easy accessible bags to be able to just grab and go when moving to different locations.

Grab ’em here:

5. Liquid IV

I’ve seen these so many times at weddings — it’s crazy. So, if you don’t know what these lil packets are — they are h2O doublers, basically, it’s pedialyte for adults. To help keep everyone hella hydrated during the day. These are amazing for summer weddings when it’s SUPER hot and humid and maybe there’s day drinking involved… stay hydrated, folks! They come in really fun flavors, too!

Try ’em here:

6. Tide pens

Trust me — stuff happens. Have at least one of these on hand! Plus, they are super affordable!

Don’t forget these:

7. Clear umbrellas

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and there’s a little bit of rain — but hey — you know what they say…. it’s good luck for rain on your wedding day. Anyways, stay prepared with these ‘brellas that fully cover your top half and all that time and energy spent on hair and makeup. Since they are clear and see through, they are perfect for photos, too!

Check ’em out:

8. Cute clutch for the bride

Because we just don’t ever have enough hands to do all the things. And most wedding dresses don’t have pockets (how rude!) Keep your phone and other semi-important things nearby for when you need them but make it fashion!

Make it fashion, bb:

9. Hand fans

It gets HOT HOT HOT if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding. Especially somewhere with humidity. We’ve all attended a summer wedding sweating our bums off — be kind to your guests and hand these cute minimal hand fans out as they arrive to the venue!

Treat yo guests:

10. Oh SH*T kit

Self-explanatory. Just in case.

Be ready for anything with these: